Bankruptcy Attorney Jacksonville FL

The reality of bankruptcy, no matter which chapter you choose, is that you’re creating a new opportunity for yourself and your family to get the fresh financial start you deserve! Stress taking its toll on you? Bankruptcy can stop collection actions against you, protect your home, and eliminate your credit card and medical bills. Imagine being DEBT FREE!

If you are filing for personal bankruptcy, then you will either file a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

To qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that eliminates most, if not all, of your unsecured debt, you must be able to pass a “means test.” Your income must be low enough to prove that you are unable to repay at least a portion of your debt back after deducting your expenses. Once you file for a chapter 7, we may even be able to help you purchase a new vehicle or lower your payment on an existing vehicle!

If you have fallen behind on your home, vehicle, or other secured debt, you will most likely want to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under this chapter, we create a plan to assist you with becoming current on your home or auto. During this time, creditors are unable to start or continue their collection efforts against you, allowing you time to breath and get current on your bills. In chapter 13, some clients choose to modify their mortgages to become current. At ANH Legal Group, we can help you do this as well! Contact our experienced attorney, Ashtin Henninger, today at 904-270-9476.

For businesses, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides businesses and high net worth individuals with benefits that are similar to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, allowing them to cram down mortgages, and get current on outstanding obligations!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you having a hard time paying the bills that you have? If so, then you may be eligible to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is a legal process that is capable of freeing yourself from unsecured debts, and you may qualify. Please contact us today to find out more, and how we can help you.

At ANH Legal Group, we have a flexible payment option for clients who need it. We offer $0 down payment, $175 per month installments for Chapter 7 clients!

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is an extremely complex case of bankruptcy, and it is very important to ensure that you hire the right attorney to handle these sorts of cases for you. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is aimed towards businesses, and helps “reorganize” their debts, assets, and affairs. We recommend filing for Chapter 11 if you need some time to restructure or reorganize your debts. Due to the nature of these cases, we highly recommend you reach out to us today so we can further explain how we can help you from every step of the way.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Often referred to as “reorganization bankruptcy,” Chapter 13 offers clients the chance to pause, catch their breath and reorganize their debt into manageable monthly payments. Chapter 13 is often the best choice when a person wants to get current on property after they have fallen behind on their payments, such as their mortgage or auto loan. While you get current on property that you are behind on, you have the ability to discharge some or all of your unsecured debts. Chapter 13 allows you to reduce interest rates and monthly payments by creating a 3- to 5-year repayment plan.


The timing of filing a bankruptcy case is one of the most crucial aspects of your case! An experienced attorney can help assist you in determining when the time is right to file.

If you are struggling with debt, then contact your Jacksonville Attorney, Ashtin Henninger, at ANH Legal Group to start your path to a fresh financial future today! We offer flexible hours for consultations and have affordable payment options!